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Carnival Xhibition Baby Boomin’

Carnival Xhibition Baby Boomin’

Organic guitar and jazz-kissed hi-hats lead us intriguingly into the alternative yet melodically alluring Baby Boomin’. The track rises and evolves into a bright and beautiful groove, with soulful vocals at the forefront and superb unity between all involved. It’s a genre-fusing beauty, and a fine introduction to Carnival Xhibition.

Freshly released from the 2023 EP The Circus In Town, Baby Boomin’ stands tall initially on the strength of that familiar yet fresh guitar lick, looping and creating a sense of intimacy and independent energy; akin to the likes of Incubus or softer releases from indie bands past and present.

Soon enough, Baby Boomin’ weaves in a worthy saxophone solo, simple yet striking; and recorded with a brilliant tone to really capture the live energy. This follows the progression of short lines, growing anticipation as we approach each chorus, and is proceeded by that same recognisable presence during the final quarter.

Really nicely done, an indie anthem with a smooth dash of soul and pop to light up the outer edges and ultimately deliver a mainstream-ready, genre-free or uninhibited song; one that naturally lingers in the mind long after the music has stopped.

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